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Ekaterina Malaya, designer, author of the idea:

"Many years ago when I was a little Soviet girl I experienced a shock. One cold winter morning, we went for a walk with the whole family. People from every single door were bringing used Christmas trees, creating from them a considerable hill. Yesterday these beauties were elegant and proud, flashing lights and shimmering stained glass... Today miserable and useless, they were dragged along the ground, leaving a wavy track. I cried.

My children have never seen a live Christmas tree at home. But the Christmas magic comes to us every year! For many years I have crafted a Christmas Tree myself and the children help me in great excitement! And every time it's a miracle: no one knows what it will look like this year."


Three years ago we realized for the first time that we can share this Christmas miracle with other people. Now we have a team: designers and artisans continue to create and implement new models. Though it is difficult to call them this way - each X-Tree is unique, no two are alike.

We are happy to solve new difficult and interesting tasks. If you can't find on our website an X-Tree that perfectly fits your interior - please let us know, we are happy to accept this challenge!


Creative taskforce of the project:
- Lyudmila Serebryanskaya (Moscow, Russia)
- Lizaveta Grechukhina (Saint-Genis Pouilly, France)
- Ekaterina Malaya (Geneva, Switzerland)


Possible dimensions of X-Trees (cm): 40, 60, 80, 100, 115, 140, 160, 180, 200, or upon request.


Given this is a manual production - all the prices are individual, varying from 50 till 500 EUR/CHF.

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